Tips for Helping Seniors Get the Best Discounts

Think you’re getting the best discounts? You may find there are a few new discounts you don’t know about or stores that can give you added savings. Use these tips to help you get more bang for your buck.


Senior Discounts

Shopping and stores

Membership has its rewards. Sign up for your favorite store’s membership program and you may find that they offer an additional discount for seniors or if you use your AARP card. US News suggestsshopping online for the deals so you can get the discounts. Be sure to read through the membership rewards and you may find that there are added benefits like free or reduced shipping.

Ask about senior discounts at your favorite stores and you may find that even if they don’t have a policy to offer discounted pricing for seniors, you can ask and still get a discount that may come out to 5 or 10% off. You also want to ensure that your discount is good at the time you shop so you don’t spend extra money at a store that won’t give you a discount – especially when you can shop elsewhere.

Check each store’s discount

When you fill prescriptions, for example, be sure to check to see which stores will give you the biggest discounts. For example, You may find that stores like Kmart give 20% off prescriptions and this may be higher than at your local pharmacy.

Most stores will give seniors and those over the age of 50 a discount, so be sure to ask and be prepared to show your ID. Bet you didn’t think you’d be carded again, right?

Ask before you go

You might not know it, but your local buses and trains give senior discounts. Amtrak allows a shipping discount that you can apply when you buy tickets online and your local bus service may give you a reduced discount or free rides if you have Medicaid.

Check with the stores and restaurants you’re going to and you have have a few extra dollars in your pocket. IHOP allows 10% off and you can get 10% off at Ross, the Ponderosa, Best Western, the Hilton and Radisson hotels. Walgreens gives 20% off once a month when you sign up for their Balance Rewards program.

Ask for free stuff

Lastly, you may find that your favorite store has free items for seniors. Restaurants may give away free drinks. You may find that your local movie theater gives away a free small popcorn with a matinee or a free small drink during the week.

Check with your local eyeglass store the next time you’re online. They may give you a free exam when you purchase glasses or contacts. Bifocals in Des Moines IA may be marked down if you use your AARP card and have an eye exam for an added discount.

To help you find the biggest discounts, check with AARP for the various types of discounts that you can get and be sure to keep a list handy. That way you can save more money – You are a VIP!